How Facebook Ads Impact Sales Leads

Even with the insurgency of other social media platforms, Facebook still has one of the largest user bases in the world. It’s hard to believe that what started as a basic site for college students to connect is now one of the biggest online juggernauts hosting millions of people around the world. When you purchase advertisements on Facebook, you’re almost guaranteed to have an increase in exposure given that Facebook has a built-in audience. Investing in Facebook advertisements now will potentially lead you to an incredibly lucrative return in the future.

Our expert advertising agency Greensboro, NC located firm knows just how to prime you for success in our regional marketplace. Admittedly, procuring a successful Facebook advertisement might seem like a relatively easy task. Nevertheless, just because something is easy to do, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do well. Duff Digital Marketing recognizes how crucial it is to curate ads in an intentional and strategic way. Through extensive trial and error research, we’ve created a strong formula for creating compelling Facebook ads.

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    Everyone Uses Facebook, Your Business Should Too

    We’re not exaggerating when we proclaim that everyone uses Facebook. Everyone from your great-grandmother, to your teenage nephew, can be seen socializing and sharing content on Facebook. It almost goes without saying that if your business doesn’t have a Facebook page you’re already falling behind. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what propels people to sign up, what matters is how they can potentially benefit your business. With our services, we can help you get direct feedback and information from your target customer base here in North Carolina. While it may begin with some educated guesses, as the process unfolds, we gather empirical data to help us create a comprehensive business plan for your company.

    Understandably if you’ve previously invested money into advertising, only to see it fail, the prospect of siphoning more money into ads can seem ludicrous. Needless to say, just because you buy advertisements, doesn’t mean that they will gain any considerable traction. When it comes to ads, it’s important to note that there’s a complete science behind how they appear on a person’s timeline. At Duff Digital Marketing, we know how to use the Facebook system to our advantage. We are fully invested in promoting your business through Facebook ads, and furthermore, helping you receive a return on these investments. As our client, when your business finds success, so do we.

    We at Duff Digital Marketing also understand the importance of utilizing temporary promotions and ad campaigns. When it comes to building advertisements, we work collaboratively to create advertisements that accurately portray the highlights of your business. When we pair your expertise regarding your business practice, with our creative team for marketing, the results are often perfect for curating a captivating advertisement. Most people’s attention spans only allow you a few seconds to reel them in, at Duff Digital Marketing, we know just how to pique the interest of an audience hook, line, and sinker. Each and every campaign that we procure for your business, serves as yet another building block for your company’s digital success.

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    If you’re looking for exceptional marketing help in the digital space – look no further than Duff Digital Marketing. Erin and Rob helped propel my business to new heights. I highly recommend them for SEO services, web development, and quality lead generation – all of which facilitated the growth of my business. A company that is not only professional and responsive, but also values the success of their clients.

    Ed Pacey

    I don’t even know where to start. I was really hesitant about hiring a marketing agency for our family business. Erin and Rob both talked us through what they can do to help my wife and I take our business to the next level. They were patient and understanding so we took the plunge several months ago. Since then our business has started to grow and we’ve seen the fruits of their labor. I didn’t want to leave a review till I was sure on the results but I 100% trust them and I am so pleased with the SEO services they provide. Our business is growing and we can’t thank them enough. From our small business to yours THANK YOU!

    Scott Kobylecky