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Everyone is Using Google Maps in North Carolina

It’s hard to remember what life was like before our smartphones came equipped with the map feature. Long gone are the days of printing out MapQuest directions and struggling frantically to find your destination. Not only does Google Maps provide people with directions, but it also allows them to search for businesses when typing in a keyword. More often than not, people are inclined to go to the businesses that appear at the top of their results. The opportunity to connect with customers through Google Maps is practical, and cutting edge.

Consider for a moment that it’s your first time in North Carolina and you’d like to find a coffee shop that is located close to where you’re staying. One of the easiest ways to locate said coffee shop occurs when you type “coffee shop near me” into Google Maps. All of a sudden you have numerous coffee shops popping up for your consideration. To the untrained eye, it may appear that these results are itemized at random. In actuality, search engine algorithms dictate which results appear at the top of the page. That highly coveted top page spot is far more achievable than you may realize. This is where our Greensboro marketing team comes into play. Our team members know just how to work within the confines of the algorithm to solidify your business as a top search result.

In many ways having a strong presence on Google Maps is just as important as having an established website. Many people will find themselves turning to Google Maps, especially if they don’t have time to dedicate to a full-fledged internet search. When it comes to Google Maps and other GPS applications, your businesses really must rely on favorable rankings. A favorable ranking is particularly prudent because Google Maps offers very little insight into a business other than perhaps the name, location, and rating when applicable. Moreover, when you don’t have the means to make an impression, you must strictly rely on algorithms to boost your business.

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    Duff Digital Marketing knows how important Google Maps and other GPS applications are for garnering your business’s exposure. It’s yet another way that we holistically prime your company for success. We don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to curating your business plan. Much like a traditional webpage, Google Maps offers incentives for your potential customers and gives you premium visibility. When it comes to cracking the code behind these algorithms, there’s not much you can do besides extensively studying the analytics to determine how they operate.

    ​Fortunately, when you retain our services, we have insider knowledge that allows us to work with the algorithm. Given the opportunity, we would love to further discuss the nuances of algorithms and how they play an essential role in powering Google Maps. As always, we offer free consultations where we can easily walk you through the process of how we conduct our analytics research and use it to your benefit. Call us today for more information.

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    Map Domination

    When smartphones first started offering GPS and mapping technology, the basic premise allowed users to map directions from their current location to their destination. At the time, it was revolutionary and, in many ways, still is. Nevertheless, the technology behind global positioning has become that much more sophisticated, and as a result, advertising agencies in Greensboro NC and beyond, are encouraging clients to build their presence on mapping applications.

    To further illustrate the importance of map domination, let’s consider a hypothetical situation that regularly plays out on a daily basis. You and a friend have decided to meet for coffee at a halfway point between your two workplaces. Neither of you is familiar with the area, and you decide to open your map application to search for coffee shops nearby. After searching the relevant keywords, your application will present you with an itemized list of coffee shop choices. While it’s reasonable to infer that the results you’re shown are based solely on proximity, these mapping applications function exactly like a search engine. In fact, these applications are basically search engines with built-in mapping technology.

    Part of our duty as your digital marketing team is to get you into those coveted top ranks by implementing our various online integration strategies. With Duff Digital Marketing at the helm, you’ll see organic growth occur over time.

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