Rob & Erin Duff


When they are not overseeing Duff Digital Marketing, they enjoy nothing more than spending time with their two children (and German Shepherd).

As reformed 9 to 5’ers, Rob and Erin quickly realized they much preferred the freedom of being their own boss. With corporate experience under their belts, they understand the importance of merging professionalism with creativity. Rob and Erin greatly enjoy helping others establish, and grow, their businesses on their own terms.

In previous roles, the pair worked with numerous small businesses. As a result, they were able to pinpoint the key differences that separate the mundane from the extraordinary. They obtained a critical understanding of what makes a business exemplary, seeking to understand their basic wants and needs.

Rob and Erin have spent a considerable amount of time listening to people talk about their dreams, and the struggles they faced as a result of chasing them. They’ve learned why many of these dreams had to be deferred due to financial setbacks and personal hardship. Nevertheless, they recognized an innate persistence in many of these people they worked with and decided to dedicate their professional life to helping them establish their businesses, and succeed far past their initial expectations.

With tenacity and perseverance to guide them, the Duff duo followed a dream of their own when they founded Duff Digital Marketing. Today, Rob and Erin, along with their team of experts work diligently to provide you with a digital marketing experience rooted in integrity and excellence. Offering services such as SEO, Google Maps, Social Media ads, and web design, Duff Digital Marketing brings you one step closer to achieving growth far beyond what you ever could have imagined.

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